Having a presence on the www

Having a website is no luxury but a necessity for someone who wants to publicize his activity.
A website brings a certain seriousness in your approach and builds an online presence by providing your visitors with the information they need: where to locate you, how to contact you, but also if they are looking for information about you. Indeed, it would be a pity if they only find “other people say” and leaving you without anything to say in your own matter, right?

The goal of Sur la Piste du Web (On the Web’s Trail) is to bring you a professional and personalized website at an affordable price in order to present your activity but also yourself as a specialist/artist in your industry.

But above all, Sur la Piste du Web (On the Web’s Trail) wishes to free you from a systematic creative-lock by leaving you the sole owner of your site, without intermediary.
The stated goal is that you remain in control of your communication and can update your pages yourself, through a crash course of 1h30.